The company

BIOSTAM PHARMACEUTICAL, based in Athens, Greece was established in 2012 and specializes in trading pharmaceutical side products. The company's stock is manufactured in Greece and follows all outlined policies to ensure safety and quality.

BIOSTAM PHARMACEUTICAL's flagship products are:

BIOCID, a natural antacid supplement rich in calcium that alleviates acid reflux symptoms by reducing heartburn and swelling. BIOCID contains calcium carbonate and helps neutralize stomach acid, quelling acid reflux after a meal..

Hypnocalm, a nutritional drink supplement that combines Valerian and Passionflower's relaxing and mildly sedative abilities. Valerian helps calm the nervous system and alleviate physical stress symptoms. It also acts as a sleep aid and can improve the ability to concentrate. Passionflower acts as a relaxant, lowering stress levels and irritability.